What does ambition mean to you?


Ambition. You hear this word come up quite a lot. I want to delve into who an ambitious person is and what people expect from someone who is "ambitious". Do we only consider ambition when it comes to big corporate titles? Or can someone be ambitious in other ways, say in their personal life, such as with starting a family.

What does ambition mean?

The strong desire and determination to achieve success.

(Ambition can also be defined as “striving to achieve a goal.”)

Ambition is more than just a drive to succeed. It's the commitment to strive for the best — no matter what. The desire to get somewhere in life and do whatever it takes to achieve it. It's a significant trait to have.

The meaning of ambition varies from person to person. For some, it's a drive that helps them achieve their career goals. Others may find themselves driven by ambition in their relationships, wanting to be the perfect partner or parent. Some people are driven by ambition in their quest for self-improvement and personal growth. Pursuing your goals with unwavering dedication, and not stopping until these goals are achieved. In a modern context, ambition most often refers to career goals or important milestones in our lives we are striving towards.

It’s a trait that should be encouraged at every stage of life. However, personal ambition goals are usually temporary and fade over time as you buy that house or find a partner. Having ambitions doesn’t always mean you’re trying to achieve something great. It can also mean you are trying your best to keep things going in a positive direction.

Ambition is a common tick box when searching for that significant other or making new friends. We all want to surround ourselves with people who are ambitious and driven. For me, I associate ambition with career growth. This is very relatable to me and my life goals, therefore I want to be around those who also hold this highly.

We often judge when people have personal ambitious goals, as it's not deemed as a worthy goal to have, as the outcome does not result in financial success. With this being said, I do think that both personal and professional goals go hand in hand for a happy, successful life.

So, tell me. What does ambition mean to you?

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