2020 Takeaway...

So, where do I start with 2020? The most anticipated yet unexpected year of them all. A year that flipped us on our backs without any remorse. This blog post will be a brain dump of all my thoughts and feelings from the past year. Talking about all the lessons I've learnt during a very difficult and unexpected 2020. I'm writing this down in the hopes that I will look back on this year and be reminded of my time and the lessons that helped me get through it. 

  1. Adaptation. One of the biggest lessons was that I was capable of adapting to any situation that was thrown at me. Whether that was working from home, spending more time indoors and making the best out of a bad situation. I accommodated to COVID-19, by finding happiness in other ways.
  2. Communication. Communication. Communication. It's been hard to always keep conversation with friends and family as I've found there isn't that much to talk about nowadays. We're all in the same boat with how we feel about this virus and none of us wants to be giving it any more attention (the media was doing enough of this). I often distanced myself from messaging and video chats, simply because I just didn't 'feel like it' and as time went on I realised that, that that was ok! However, I recognised the importance of reaching out to your loved ones, to check up on them and letting them know you're doing ok!
  3. Productivity. I learnt that it's fine to not always be productive. Similar to others, I was seeing a lot of people who were taking up new hobbies, starting businesses and transforming their bodies. But, I didn't take on any massive projects like such. Instead, I took up drawing, started reading more and occasionally followed along with Youtube workouts. Although it's nothing major, I feel like this is something that has brought me joy and I recognised that I don't need to compare myself to others and it's fine to take things in my stride. 
  4. Family and friends. Now more than ever, I've understood the power of family and friends. A simple video call with friends and spending time with my family is all I need to cheer me up. 
  5. Simple pleasures. Celebrating the small wins in life have been huge, this year. This can be: going out for a walk, finishing a book or even cooking a nice meal. All of which was overlooked before, but now they've become a big part of my day. Taking the time to breathe and look around me when I go on walks or taking a little longer to cook and eat a meal without being in front of the screen have been big factors to my mental health.

So that's it! That's a quick takeaway from this whirlwind of a year. Let's all aim to move forward and find the positives in these uncertain times and welcome 2021 with open arms.

Lots of love,

Nim x

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