The concept for this project was to create an augmented reality styling service, to provide consumers with a realistic in-store experience - online. Capitalising on increasing online shoppers, combined with advances in new technologies; to innovate the customer experience. A method to attract a wider demographic to the brand by allowing comfortable and confident shopping. This idea has been supported through primary research to ensure it is feasible and successful. By doing this, it will minimise the number of returns and reduce carbon footprint. The aim is to modify online shopping to make it appeal to a wider audience, while still considering environmental factors.

I designed a logo for the AR service. It is a simple and minimal design. It has been crafted for the launch of the styling service to make it stand out from the rest of the website; so it does not get consumed within the other ongoing collaborations and services of ASOS.

Full Body 3D Avatar

A full-body 3D avatar was created additionally, to visualise the augmented reality styling service when users upload images of themselves; to enable a realistic, “try-on” shopping experience. To get create a realistic appearing avatar, a 3D scan of the face was taken to see facial features clearly to then use the scan to produce a 3D avatar. 


An event was created as one of the promotional methods for the ASOS X AR service. Invitations and press events were produced to invite influencers and ASOS shoppers to the event. The invitations were simple yet colourful, adding a sense of playfulness to the design. Copy for the invitations was kept vague to add a sense of mystery and excitement for the event. 

Front of Event Invite

An Eventbrite invites mock-up for customers to buy. Design is keeping in theme with the press invitations. The tickets are free, allowing ASOS shoppers to attend the launch event for free. As the brand will be able to gain free promotions through attendee's social media. 

Carrier bag design for the event

Carrier bags designed for the guests to take away the purchases made at the event. Another method to promote the brand and the new service, as the bag design will attract consumer's attention and spread awareness of the launch.


Event Plan Interior

Event Plan Interior 2

Event Plan Interior 3

The layout for the pop-up launch event for ASOS X AR. The venue has been designed using SketchUp A carefully, detailed and decorated event space; to reflect the brand. Overall, a clean, modern and minimally furnished space. All necessary elements included, such as DJ, bar, fitting rooms and clothing racks. 


Social media promotions for a range of platforms. The ASOS tone of voice is studied and considered when writing the copy for socials; to ensure the content published is relevant to the platform audience.  All necessary social media is showcased, in addition to website promotions.




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