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A team of four and I have produced a magazine for our final year project. I took on the role of team leader and project manager, this allowed me to time manage and ensure that all members were completing tasks on time to make sure deadlines were met.

The concept was to construct a magazine for a brand that currently has no promotional publications. Additionally, a new collection for Autumn/Winter 19 was created which would feature in the magazine. The theme of the collection was streetwear and eveningwear. The chosen collection was very much in theme with the overall brand and its style.

All photography was shot and styled by myself and the team and the imagery was then featured in the magazine. Primary research was conducted to make sure the benefits of the magazine from a promotional POV and secondary research allowed for us to understand the brand's history, TOV and values to incorporate relevant topics within the magazine.

The magazine was an overall success and Cheap Monday reached out to express how much they liked the concept and magazine. They then re-posted our imagery across their social channels.

Cheap Monday - 1

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All the topics within the magazine have been chosen to interact and interest the target customer of Cheap Monday. Those who care about environmental issues, politics and travel. Youngsters are participating in more important conversations, now more than ever before. So with that in mind, we wanted to create a promotional piece that would showcase the new collections as well as start interesting and controversial conversations.

Cheap Monday - 24

The magazine was elevated with smart, interactive elements such as scannable barcodes which enabled customers to shop the items immediately on their phones. Also, took buyers to videos on certain topics so they were able to learn more.

A pop-up poster was implemented at the back of the magazine, providing a token from the brand.

Cheap Monday - 25

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