Lulu Guinness


Lulu Guinness is a quintessentially British brand, iconically known for its handbags and accessories with a legacy-making heritage. Lulu Guinness is the originator of witty, playful bags to place proudly on the table, not on the floor. All Lulu fashion accessories are works of art.

My role included: managing all social channels to post compelling organic content to drive and support traffic across our social, affiliates and email channels.

Social Media Management

Produced, planned and posted content across six channels.

Organic Growth
  • Developed and managed content strategy across posted and paid activity to drive acquisition, channel growth, traffic and sales
  • Produced lo-fi content for all social channels in line with follower interest  
  • Regularly populated the Social Content Calendar to align with trade messaging 
  • Successfully planned and ran 5 competitions 
  • Continued optimisation of creativity to maximise performance, creating tactics for growing social traffic and executing proposed initiatives
  • Provide daily, weekly and monthly reports across all digital channels and campaigns.
Channel Statistics
  • Increased IG followers by 6% within 6 months and and avg. of 36 per day. Grew followers to exceed 100k.
  • Organic video views increased by 19% as more animations and low-fi content was produced and posted
  • Instagram organic engagement rate was 6%
  • 1.45M organic impressions
  • +424% content impressions in the last 6 months
  • +159% profile views in the last 6 months
  • +184% website clicks
  • +278% in total engagements (3,341 avg. per day)
  • 4% avg. engagement rate (+1% vs the previous 6 month period)
  • +576 new followers (+1% vs the previous 6 month period)
  • +10% in link clicks
  • 4% avg. engagement rate (+21% vs the last 6 month period)
  • +248% in video views
Tik Tok
  • Launched a new TikTok channel.
  • +12k views in the last 6 months
  • +100 net followers per month

High Summer Campaign

Brand Awareness
  • Built an online community of passionate brand lovers 
  • Regularly leveraged UGC and influencer content
  • Tagged in a total of 50+ weekly posts
  • Created a robust posting plan for new and secondary channels e.g. Twitter, Pinterest and TikTok
  • Hosted in-store events for new and loyal fans of the brand
  • Successfully planned and ran 5 competitions to attract new followers/potential customers
  • Produced gamification content via stories and grid to attract a younger audience e.g. spot the difference and this or that
  • Successfully worked with a mix of 7 creative collaborators (Celia Bernado, The Daily Splice, Noa Weintraub, Aleia, Kat Irlin, Emmeli Kimhi and SmallDitch).
  • Strongly launched 10 seasonal campaigns .

Queen's 70th Platinum Jubilee Campaign

Strengthen Engagement 
  • Increased engagement rate on IG by (+6% IG avg. engagement rate in FY22).
  • Facebook total engagement grew by 3%.
  • Producing and posting content in line with follower appetite

Slow Down Mental Awareness Campaign

  • Set the overall tone of voice for all digital channels to bring the brand's fun, quirky and witty voice to the forefront.
  • Wrote copy across all digital channels e.g. socials, emails and website (products descriptions and blog posts).
  • Guided and briefed external copywriter for additional projects .

Story of the Lip

Content Creation
  • Planning and shooting lo-fi content for digital channels.
  • Art directing shoots to align with brand messaging.
  • Work with Graphic Designer to edit assets for campaigns.
  • Edit locally shot content for lo-fi posts (static and video).
  • Planned shoots for lo-fi shoots for just-launched campaigns.

Galentine's Competition (Lo-fi content)

  • Proactively grew the affiliate programme in line with brand values.
  • Weekly sale validations for external agencies.
  • Developed and executed publisher activation and reactivation campaigns.
  • Monitored the representation of the brand across all publisher sites.
  • Created email campaigns to align with e-commerce trading themes and on-site performance
  • Tested and optimised email content
  • Analysed post-campaign performance
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